How Metacognitive Cognition Approach Help In Playing Pingpong

Metacognitive approach refers to the system where you learn how to learn or think how to think. Metacognitive skill is one of the powerful ways of learning and planning to approach a particular task. Pertaining to significant research in the field of Metacognition, it has immensely developed in the past two and a half decades.

Metacognition is thinking about your own thinking. It refers to the control you have over your own thinking and learning activities. It is a proven fact that better metacognitive skills and approach enhances the problem-solving ability of a person. Considering this, the Metacognitive approach has a great importance in sports where you have to approach a problem with different angel and take decisions in the blink of an eye.

Metacognitive approach engrosses all the activity of a mind including:
• Critical thinking
• Acquiring knowledge
• Solving problem Being comprehensive

In the process, you review your own performance and come up with ideas for better performance with a unique approach. You are the audience as well as the observer at the same time.

When it comes to sports, the metacognitive approach can really prove as a game changer. Especially when we talk about Ping pong, the metacognitive approach can enormously help to improve an athlete’s performance.

Have you observed a ping pong player watching the recordings of his game? He is actually reviewing his skills to adopt a better playing technique — this is a perfect example of how metacognitive approach works.

Using metacognitive approach, a ping pong player can make a useful selection of methods to gain an upper hand against his opponent. The athlete can formulate a clear mental picture of his stokes and then, once he masters accuracy through Metacognition, he can play perfect stokes naturally without thinking.

Ping pong is a game of reflexes. The metacognitive approach helps to enhance an athlete’s reflexes. When to lose or win is decided in a matter of a second, the advantage is with the person who has quicker reflexes.

Using metacognitive approach, the Ping pong athlete can measure the correctness of his decisions retrospectively which incredibly helps in error detection and rectification causing a continual improvement in the playing skills of that athlete.

The proper metacognitive approach helps build confidence which is very crucial for any athlete. Confidence is reflected in your playing style, your body language, and everything. Metacognition helps control your cognitive performance. It encourages self-efficacy which in turn improves the learning curve, self-confidence, and motivation.

Metacognitive approach invariably involves promoting metacognition. When athletes learn how to think about the thinking process and how to develop a unique approach towards learning, they start acquiring and devising new skills necessary to win the game. The process makes thinking and learning visible so one can determine the direction they are heading.

Practice is most crucial in ping pong, more you practice more perfect you become. The metacognitive approach can definitely help in improving an athlete’s performance in ping pong. Through a metacognitive approach, you can induct flexibility and have pre devised strategies in place. Overall, you can be in control of your game and make it more effective and efficient.