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“Cookie Law” and useful links for dummies like me (which in life do and not webmasters)

I have always tended to be sleepless, but as the deadline for the “Cookie Law” approaches (I thank Elisabetta Nanni for reminding me) I was afraid to sleep even less , so on the eve I first made all the blogs and my sites private. (about fifty!) of which Serbian memory. Only later, after creating a paid account on  (discovered via Linda Ierardi ), I tried to do my best to make at least this my main blog to be able to reopen it, always on thorns ( because the quiet does not belong to me).
Someone writes me in private to ask for information, but I always reply that when I have time, clarity and energy to write something I do it publicly and not to the individual (my job is not the continuous ad personam desk , nor deal with these issues). Now I should think about reviewing everything for the scrutinies of tomorrow, but I have a momentum of sharing so here is the list of useful links to try to solve the issue.Useful information

  1.  (discovered via Catepol  on Twitter),
  2.  (fundamental site discovered hopelessly desperate),
  3.  (by Francesco Leonetti ),
  4.  (by Simone Aliprandi ),
  5. ,
  6. .
  1. ,
  2. ,
  3. ,
  4.  (I was not able to apply it, so I temporarily disabled the mobile version )
  5. ,
  6.  (discovered through ),
  7. .
Cookie Policy Generator
  1.  (here I created a paid account, 19 euros a year),
  2. .
Cookie Scanner
  •  (discovered via Anna Nervo ).
I reserve the right to make changes and additions as soon as I have time to review my History.