Metacognitive teaching: some tools

I have not written on this blog for about 6 months. This for various reasons also related to my current position.
To keep me updated on issues not strictly related to digital, I enrolled in an online course of Erickson on Metacognitive Didactics. To carry out one of the last tasks, I have exhumed and redeployed some works done in the past, which I now like to share here: mental maps that can help in the method.
Cognitive styles on Mindomo.
The 6 hats by De Bono on Mindomo.
Multiple Intelligences on Mindomo.
Swot analysis on Prezi

#PianoScuolaDigitale: Sardinian event and mental map

I mention some things but I do it, lazily, with the embed accompanied by two lines.
First of all the event I’m working on at USR:
So the PNSD mapped, a visualization test that I did with the indispensable Mindomo.Make your own mind maps with Mindomo.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Training initiatives for teachers of Sardinian history

The Regional Scholastic Office for Sardinia, in collaboration with the ” Giuseppe Siotto Historical Research Foundation “, has organized two courses for teachers of the following Competition Classes: A037, A043, A050, A051 and A052.
For further information and registration, see the two attached notes, published among other things in the section

  • Training course on the “Great War” for Sardinian teachers
  • Training course “Sardinian intellectuals in the nineteenth century” for Sardinian teachers