One Slate a Day: 24 hours a Week: Unusually Long Rash

24 hours a week: unusually long vent

I generally do not write articles of opinion or peroration here: I report the technological resources quickly and stop. But yesterday they gave us – as a solution to the ills of Italy – the reification of a fear and I want to talk about it.
The proposal of Minister Profumo is to bring from 18 to 24 the weekly lesson time of secondary school teachers (first and second degree). Obviously the dead weight to be cut is constituted as always by the teachers … who knows what Freud would say.
Let’s talk about the weekly hours of a secondary teacher.
Currently, a secondary school teacher makes 18 hours in class. I emphasize: in the classroom .
Then there are the hours of afternoon meetings: class councils, faculty colleges, departmental meetings, GLH, interviews with parents  and alia .
And finally there is undeclared work done at home.
This undeclared work has the following characteristics:
– a home environment used as a studio rather than another (I know, guest room),
– a computer purchased privately, without the possibility to download it as do the professionals,
– use of printer, paper and house ink,
– use of domestic electricity,
– use of home connection.
A work done surrounded by relatives (consorts and children) who can not understand that their loved one is there and at the same time there is not. How can one work in the hours that should be devoted to private life? But it’s not free time, I always say to my loved ones, it’s hours that I have to dedicate to school.
That’s why I’ve always said: 18 hours a week (more afternoon meetings) do you think there are few? Well, let’s do 20 more school for office work, because in the afternoon we are required to do a lot of work at home:
– drafting of schedules and reports,
– preparation of materials,
– preparation and correction of written tests,
– epistolar-telematic communications with pupils for increasingly widespread technological projects,
– due to content and methodological updating.
I said office work, not class.
That is, give us an office – technologically equipped – at school.
The professors’ room is not enough, that room with a dozen or so chairs and without the slightest equipment. I mean an office every 3-4 professors, as happens with any other employee in the public administration.
It’s convenient not to give us those hours, right? It is convenient for us to connect, print and photocopy directly from home, with receipts and bills at our expense. Failure to recognize the teacher’s extra hours means saving the State unsuspecting figures.Between the degree and the competition for ordinary professorship I worked in a hypermarket as a part-time cashier. I did 24 hours a week, then spent at 23 with the same salary (a welcome gift). A grueling job (try to deal with angry customers for things that do not depend on you), so that when we cracked our backs to load boxes from the warehouse we relaxed because with the mind we could dedicate ourselves to something else. It was an inadequate job for a graduate, but I would go home and get totally disconnected.
With the school this does not happen, it never comes off. One is not a teacher, one is a teacher. For this reason, even after decades, the former students still call us “Prof.”
As a mother teacher I can say that the best from an educational point of view I reserve for my students, because when I come home I need my corner of silence (after hours and hours in increasingly numerous classes), so with my son that I look for the patience I lose immediately that instead in the class I keep up to the spasm.
And I remember that my mother, also prof. of Letters to the “averages”, when she came home she was assaulted by our daughters that we felt answer “Leave me alone, I shake my head, I need silence”.
Making 24 hours per week inevitably would reduce the time and energy to devote to undeclared work (the one done at home at our expense) to prepare materials, correct checks and everything I have listed above. Because, if the State considers us dead weights that make the bare minimum, I start to make the bare minimum, at the level of domestic time and also the use of materials purchased personally. Does this benefit the quality of the training of the boys?
We also speak of the 24 hours in which we have full responsibility for about thirty minors, who can not absolutely be left alone even for the most sacrosanct motivations such as going to the toilet for an impelling physiological need or to change Tampax(can a teacher say ” Tampax ” or should he give the idea of the asexual robot?). There are no physiological needs to satisfy: the teacher can not leave the classroom for such frivolous things as going to the toilet. At one time it was counted on the collaborators, but with the cuts also inflicted on that category we must learn to hold on to the impossibility.
And the quality of teaching? The personalization of the routes?
Ah, however, there is the scarecrow of the Invalsi evaluation. We have to work according to that … so those 24 hours a week will we dedicate only to the Invalsi training, to have goat and cabbage?
I was cumbersome and incomplete, but I had to vent and express my point of view as a passionate teacher before entering school. Because today, at school, by 10, with the peace of those who hate my category.